Oliwa Mill is not just a place.

It is the soul dormant in the old walls and it’s us – fascinated by their history:
the father – a miller and the two brothers – conscious manufacturers and merchants.

Today’s mill production does not compete with giant factories in Poland or in distant China, and there are no such ambitions. Tradition, however, gives us more experience – and we are constantly learning. We know what is important to our customers. Remembering the tradition that dates back to the 1614, we are looking far ahead.

When planning our development, we always think about the Partners, Customers and Guests who will visit Oliwa, and perhaps, also our mill. We are constantly trying to make them want to cooperate with us, to visit us and to buy, and most importantly, to share our pride that we can still participate in the centuries-old heritage.

Who knows, maybe in another hundred years, our grandchildren will continue this tradition
and do successful business with one another.

It is a great piece of history and wonderful plans for the future

We want to share the unique location and visual values of the Mill with all our Guests and Customers. It’s a potential that still hides numerous mysteries waiting to be discovered, and after all, it’s been the pride of the people of Gdańsk for a very long time. For many of them, it is also a favourite place for walks and reflection on the past centuries.

We work with bakeries, patisseries and wholesalers.
Today, the mill deals with:

• purchasing, processing and sales of cereals
• production of traditional flour
• wholesaling and retailing of processed products
• on-line sales (e-commerce) of healthy food, among others, plant extracts, dietary supplements, dried fruits, herbs and many other articles, including exotic products, of proven health-promoting and medicinal qualities

We also advise clients who would like to bake their own bread, make pancakes or pastries. We help to gather the necessary ingredients, bearing in mind both individual preferences and the need to experiment with the taste of bread. The mill produces about 20 tons of high quality products a day. We are glad that some of them also get to your table. This is who we are now. The new, even better store, will be our future. As for the history…

… Mill no. 9, which is now known as Oliwa Mill, from its very beginnings used the Jelitkowo Stream waters. Initially (since around 1594) it housed the fulling mill, i.e. a facility dealing with clothes felting. Later on, the Cistercian monks assigned a different role to it, and in 1614, it was transformed into a grain mill. This was the moment when our own history began. For we have become a kind of depositories of the monks’ will and followers of the Cistercian heritage.

The end of the nineteenth century was the apogee of the industrial revolution in Europe. Its achievements did not miss Pomerania; They reached Oliwa too. In 1874, Julius Dahlmann, the mill’s new owner extended and upgraded the mill thoroughly. Granite millstones were replaced by steel rollers, so-called roller mills. He built warehouses, a home for workers, a stable, and (at the beginning of the twentieth century) a villa for the mill’s manager.

We hope that the following hundreds of years of development are ahead of us.
And we hope that it will be possible to preserve this piece of past centuries for the future thanks to you,
just as a hundred or two hundred years ago, thanks to the people who lived here. You’re welcome to visit our Mill!

Visit us, write to us, or call us.