Let us think of it like this

– As early as 300 years ago, we had already had 100 years of experience.

Oliwa Mill – The Mill No. 9 – the oldest mill in Pomerania functioning tirelessly since its inception – and it has been working since 1614!

Oliwa mill is a unique object, where one can still receive excellent service and proven product,
just as 400 years ago.

We combine tradition and modernity, like no one else does.

Thanks to our milling methods with centuries of tradition, the flour produced in Oliwa Mill competes successfully with contemporary products and it appears to be  living its second youth, in spite of the passage of time. We are a reliable business partner for Tri-City bakeries, patisseries and feed producers. We buy and process many types of cereals. We conduct retail sales and we carry out wholesale orders.

The prestige of such a sustainable and well-known brand obliges us to pursue for continuous development. Therefore, we are soon going to open our health food store in the restored interior of the former granary.

We will be pleased if you wish to visit us.